Mowla Home Improvement specialized in Waterproofing Basement, Crawl Space Waterproofing, and structural repairs. So a dry basement protects your property investment. Wet basements can encourage the growth of fungi that can cause or aggravate respiratory ailments or create water-related electrical hazards. We can stop all leaks so that it don’t leave you mopping, as well as the small leaks that tend to grow into big problems behind your walls. Our management and Staffs are highly trained to ensure Waterproofing is done well.  We are know as one of the best Waterproofing contractor in NYC.

Every year thousands of homes in NYC struggle from water related issues including flooding, mold and mildew, and foundation damage that result in millions of dollars in damages. Prolonged exposure to the common problems associated with water penetration can be harmful to you, your family and the home you live in. Health Complications can arise from breathing in the dangerous mold, mildew and spores that grow in damp environments, while wood rot and foundation cracks can ultimately be the downfall of the buildings structure.

All Water related damage is never just a temporary problem. smaller issues inevitably lead to bigger problems when they are left unresolved. Don’t wait until the water damage becomes financially burdensome before contracting a waterproofing contractor. Mowla Home Improvement waterproofing is more than willing to come out and give you a free consultation which includes expected costs and viable options. with no obligations from you, what do you really have to lose in getting the answers you need about your most important investment of your home.