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Brick Pointing


Brick Pointing or tuck pointing is truly a craft that needs to be done by Mowla construction crew masters of the technique. Harsh weather may risk your brick masonry, the mortar can keep wearing down until you start to see crevices and cracks that are crumbling. There are many things to consider when doing tuck pointing repair, suck as consistencies and color of the mortar that need to be perfectly matches. Mowla is expert at all tuck pointing, masonry, bricks pointing. When you hire a masonry and bricks contractor for re-pointing, you’re hiring us to renew the pointing on your bricks. “Pointing” refers to the outside portion of mortar joints. With time, voids will form in the joints between your bricks, which allows water to pass through. When that happens, your brickwork will be damaged. This can be difficult to fix, but Mowla knows how to get the job done right so you don’t encounter this problem. With our hard work, dedication, and expert selection of high-quality materials, you can trust us as your masonry and bricks contractor in Brooklyn Fort Greene, Park slope, Bed-ford Stuyvesant  and other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Why is Mowla Different?

Mowla Home Improvement is fully insured and licensed. Since 1998, we’ve been putting our hard work and dedication into every brick pointing we complete. We have a strong team working with us! From estimators to contractors, each person is highly skilled and experienced. You can count on us to exercise the finest attention to detail in all of our projects. It’s one of the things that has made us a top mortar and bricks contractor in New York City.

What Mowla Offers​

We always perform high-quality work while staying on schedule and within budget. First, we discuss every aspect of the project with you. We want to make sure you have accurate expectations and feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or concerns. We give you an accurate estimate and timeline. It’s because of these strong, long-lasting relationships with clients that we are able to succeed in the brick pointing business.
We value not just your project but you personally! This philosophy is exactly why we acquire many clients via word of mouth.
If you need brick pointing work in Brooklyn Fort Greene or the surrounding area, hire Mowla Home Improvement as your masonry and bricks contractor today!

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